The Leading Man

    Inside the family unit, the man has the privileged task of leading and helping those in his care prepare for life. God gave man a leadership position he cannot fulfill without His leading. The positions men play within the family structure and in society are irreplaceable.     
    According to a 2020 US Census, there were 18.3 million kids raised in a fatherless home. When men wander away from their fatherly or priestly positions, the lives placed under their care will be affected. For instance, men with absent fathers are more likely to become absent fathers themselves. 
    Men, whether you have come up short with God or simply trying to breach a relationship gap, do not let pride or fear stop you from getting your sons or daughters back. Apologize for any negligence and let’s address the issues with our sons and their mothers for not being there when it counted. Lets end the cycles that have scarred so many families whereby our sons have been languishing behind walls of resentment, pain, and unforgiveness. There may be moments you will hear some painful truths or admit you did not know what you were doing.
    Nevertheless, God is there for whatever we may need.