A Man's Playbook to Heal Relationships Between Fathers and Sons

 The Highly Anticipated Book 


   Standing Over Home is written to help broken sons—young men who lacked the love and direction of a father figure—discover respect and learn missed lessons about love and protection that were never passed down to them during their formative years.
   Through the eyes of author Dennis Powell, division champion L.A. Dodger pitcher, Standing Over Home communicates metaphorically this picture of the importance of a father’s role to stand as protector and priest over his home and family. Just as a batter “stands over home” with the battling responsibility to hit or to move the runner forward, so does a father “stand over his home” to provide for, guide, and protect his family, moving them ever forward.
   The book draws from the real account of a son who faced and overcame some heart-breaking tragedies in life.
   After reading Dennis’ book, you will learn how to stay in game of life and score with your son(s).  

In The Beginning

    In the beginning God gave Adam a commission to take dominion over the land. His position was to protect and toil the land for his family. However, after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden before they were ready. Just as disobedience had caused a rift between Adam and God, I also experienced a split relationship from my father before I was ready. 
    My father didn’t realize he was losing his four boys because of his lack of involvement with us. If we had been teeth, we technically were “never brushed” and would have been dangerously close to falling out.     
     As Dad tried to move the family ahead without God’s input, he made an already challenging task even more difficult. Godly leadership that should have modeled by morality was missing. A lack of familiarity concerning scriptures and the power that comes from a Godly relationship resulted in the impossibility of him being able to give us what we needed.                                                       
    Sadly, we, and other men in my lineage, were caught in Satan’s web of deception—we thought we were strong men, when in reality, we were weak to what God needed us to be for our families, and especially for our sons. Men, we can break the cycle of neglect with God showing us the way. Yes, we can take back what the enemy has stolen from us.     
    Now, open up the pages of Standing Over Home and let God show you how He can rewrite and redeem the broken relationship between you and your family, especially your son(s). Do it while there is still time.