Standing Over Home Endorsers

I want to acknowledge and thank these leading men for their support and endorsements.

     Diego MesaFounding Pastor,  Abundant Living Family Church   
     Dennis has masterfully written something that is beyond simply a book. It is a life-skill manual about navigating the difficulties of being a professional athlete, husband, father, Christian man, and more. He has penned the words like a well-experienced writer that any best-selling author would envy. This is likely because of his humility, transparency, and often overlooked quality of authenticity that shines throughout the pages of this book. This is more than a professional athlete’s biography; it is a book that any everyday man or woman can read, understand, and apply in his or her vocation or state in life. As Dennis weaves his league experiences throughout the book, readers will feel as if they were with him in a major league stadium. He writes about his childhood and how he was raised, his father’s role in his life, and growing up with three brothers. He writes about the influence of male leadership that should not be overlooked within a family. He includes biblical principles he learned to depend on, which have brought him through personal struggles and temptations. He is quick to tell readers what he did right and wrong. He leaves the reader informed, inspired, and encouraged. After reading this book, I don’t believe Dennis’s greatest attribute or accomplishments were merely his career in professional baseball. With love and grace, he is pouring himself into a generation that can glean from his success as a leader. His story is a legacy that will impact the lives of many in a powerful way. Well done, Dennis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
      Orel Hershiser – 3 tme All-Star, MLB record, MLB Analyst 
      Even as a Major baseball pitcher, money and success can get a man’s priorities out of line. After such a neglected start to life, Dennis does a great job talking about his wake-up call to neglect, fatherhood, and God’s priorities for his life. Thanks, Dennis, Standing Over Home is a thought-provoking book.

       Harold Reynolds – Sports Analyst @ MLB Network – MLB Player 

       After reading Standing over Home, I am not surprised to hear the success story of Dennis Powell. He has always had that loving spirit, an engaging smile, and that commitment to excellence. I’ve watched firsthand as he has stood through difficulties, yet he always smiled through it. But as is the beauty of life, it’s not how you start but the impact we have on others as we grow. I never knew the depth and anguish he endured and overcame until I read Standing over Home. Now, I know, it was his faith in God that brought him through. This world needs more men like Dennis.                   

      Ned Colletti – 40 Years MLB Player Executive – Former GM of LA Dodgers  
      During my time as General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dennis Powell was always available to help, care for, and be a blessing to people. I could sense he was a man of God. One of the strongest points of his journey is the immense value he learned about being physically available as a leader of the family. In Standing Over Home, he illustrates the life-changing values of being with family and being present in their lives. His book is the remarkable and real-life story of why he is who he is and why he is who he is and why he cares so deeply.
     Daniel Vasquez
-Senior Pastor  Calvary Chapel Summit    
     Standing Over Home is a great encounter of God’s divine imprint on a young man who became God’s man. Dennis’ journey will inspire you.