More About the Author

    I was born and raised in Norman Park, Georgia, population 891. Today, I reside in sunny California with Brenda, my wife of 34 years and counting. We are the proud and blessed parents of four aspiring young adult children.   
    Although I came from humble beginnings, I still found success before and after some devastating losses. In less than a year, I lost three brothers and a nephew in two separate car accidents. Just a few months later, my wife and I lost our three-month-old daughter Bree, who tragically passed from pulmonary hypertension. These deaths sent me on an unforgettable journey. Yet, through all the pain, God never let go of His plan for me. Albeit, I could have forfeited all God had in store for me through disobedience.      
    I hope my story will help fathers step into their roles of protecting, providing, and preparing their sons for the days they will have to stand up and lead their own families.             
    I gained notoriety as an athlete. Over eight major league seasons, I pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, and the Milwaukee Brewers. My professional career has also taken me to play Internationally in Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Amongst some of my other crowning achievements, I am also honored to have U.S. street called Dennis Powell Lane and a spot in the Colquitt County Sports Hall of Fame. In addition, I hold a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies earned while facilitating in the International School of Ministry.            


As a child, I experienced a stagnate imagination with no realistic goals to pursue. Therefore, playing professional baseball was a dream I never dreamed of as a kid. I truly believe God's reversing power set up all that would transpire in 1982 and beyond. Still, sports in the fastlane did not awaken me to maturity and the prestige, honor, and responsibilities that came with the position of fatherhood. Early in my new role as a Dad, I completely struck out. However, years into my journey, I met God's Holy Spirit. He was the One who helped me reposition my posture, not as a pitcher; but as a father.